Skate Ministry

“Hearing the Call – Sharing the Gospel through BMX and Skateboarding. “

Our passion is to see the lives of skaters/BMXers changed for Jesus and building a godly community in the skating/BMX scene. To see skaters/BMXers become a disciple and to fulfill the Call God has for them; as well as being a role model and teacher of the Gospel to others around them.

The name simply means, “the sound of being called”, we chose this name because Carmel is often a term used in this type of community to refer to the smoothness or slickness of an obstacle. Carmel is the Mt where Elijah called the people to call upon the Lord as their God (1 Kings 18), to test the falseness of the idols they were trusting in. Tones, means a sound or a pitch, as in a dial tone. When you put the two together, we want to represent the sound or pitch, voice, of calling upon the Lord.

Thursday Nights

Join us every Thursday evening will be the weekly meeting time of shred (skate) and fellowship at Stubbs Skate Park in east Lubbock. (36th & Ave. J) Providing waters and healthy community for free!

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We thank you for all your prayers and support in helping us further the Kingdom of God through this specific ministry! May God continue to bless you abundantly!

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